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Daily Cake Menu

Available every day (unless SOLD OUT for the day) in our case!

Call in to reserve, or order under the "ORDER" tab. 

We have additional PRE-ORDER cakes (available with at least 3 days' notice) under the "ORDER" tab.

Add writing to any cake for no additional charge, under "Special Requests" when ordering!

party animal 4inch_edited.jpg

4" Party Animal


two layers of confetti cake with vanilla sprinkles frosting and a border of circus animal cookies.

Feeds 2-4

black and white drip.jpg

6" Black and White Drip

1 layer of chocolate and 1 layer of vanilla with brownie frosting inside and vanilla outside with a HALF dark chocolate drip with mini white and chocolate chips

Feeds 10-12

vanilla HEART_edited.jpg

6" vanilla
HEART sprinkles

two layers of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting

FEEDS 10-12

4 inch psl.jpg

4" PSL

2 layers of cinnamon cake with pumpkin spice creamer frosting


Feeds 2-4

new dirty drip.jpg

6" Dirty Cookie Drip


two layers of chocolate cake with Oreo frosting and a dark chocolate drip with our Dirty cookie on top.

Feeds 10-12

burger cake.jpg

6" Cheeseburger

1 layer of chocolate cake between 2 layers of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting "condiments"

Feeds 10-12

sunflower NEW.jpg

4" chocolate sunflower

chocolate cake with brownie frosting inside

feeds 2-4

hopscotch cake.jpg

6" HopScotch

vanilla cake with vanilla frosting drench in butterscotch ganache

Feeds 10-12

peach berry crisp cake.jpg

6" Peach Berry Drip

two layers of blueberry cake with peach frosting and a white chocolate drip with oatmeal crisp topping

Feeds 10-12

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