January 2021

mini cupcake menu

we exclusively make mini cupcakes. they are the perfect 2-bite size for any occasion!

(regular mini cupcakes $2 each / $20 per dozen plus tax)

(custom mini cupcakes $25 per dozen)

any of these flavors can be made into a 4", 6", or 9" round cake

with at least 3 days' notice

white wedding

vanilla cake with almond frosting dipped in white nonpareils

party animal

confetti cake and vanilla confetti frosting with a circus animal cookie on top

birthday cake

vanilla cake with cake batter frosting dipped in rainbow jimmies


cinnamon cake with cinnamon frosting dipped in cinnamon potato chips

mystery mini

guess the flavor JUST by looking at it IN the shop, and it's FREE!


our mini cupcakes are 2 to 3 bites...but loaded with flavor!

cookie dough

chocolate chip cake with cookie dough frosting

black tuxedo

chocolate cake with oreo frosting and an oreo piece on top

razzleberry pie

raspberry cake with tripleberry frosting dipped in graham crumbles


brownie batter

chocolate with brownie batter frosting dipped in mini chocolate chips

chocolate party

chocolate cake with vanilla bean frosting dipped in rock star sprinkles


blueberry cake with cookie butter frosting


strawberry lemonade

lemon cake with strawberry frosting


custom mini cupcakes

email tspbakingcompanyORDER@gmail.com to see if we can customize the mini cupcakes for you!

**most custom cupcakes are $25 per dozen**

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